Sim card Post paid

From: 12.00

With this SIM card you can use 1Gb per month and 200 minutes / SMS per month in the UK and EU and Switzerland. After adding extra calling credit, you can make calls, send SMS or use data at standard rates throughout the world. Or you can choose one of the extra packages. Like the Frequent Flyer package.

  • USA Bundle

    Consult the rate calculator for the standard rates for the USA.
    This bundle gives you an extra advantage!


  • Frequent Flyer bundle

    Ideal for the regular (business) traveler and for the company with many visits abroad.

  • Post-Paid Bundle for: 100 min./ SMS 3 Gb data

  • Post-Paid Bundle for: 300 min./ SMS 5 Gb data

    The ideal bundle for the "Frequent Europe" traveler due to Brexit. In addition, with the option of an additional foreign number.


Contractual Period 12 months
Purchase of the SIM card with
-Credit Card

Automatic Monthly Payment on the basis of a Credit Card
Standard 1 Gb and 200 minutes/SMS per month for the EU and Switzerland
Usage outside the bundle at the standard worldwide FreeTime Telecom rates.


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