SIMcard with UK and USA number

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SIMcard with UK and USA number.

This SIM card with a UK and USA mobile number has a +44 and + 1 number in 1 card. These numbers are linked together. It does not matter on which number you are called. This means that the caller in another country can call you at local rates. Ideal for users with contacts in both countries. With the convenience of having the card in 1 phone or as a second card in a phone with Dual-SIM capabilities. The SIM card with UK and USA mobile number comes with 10 euro call credit. For information about our rates worldwide, go to RATES The ideal SIM card for users with many English contacts or living in the United Kingdom and with family and contacts in the Netherlands. This Pre-Paid card comes with € 10.00 calling credit. For our rates, go to RATES
You can also use this card to make calls over the internet (VoIP) at even lower rates. SMS messages can be sent on the +44 number.

SIM card for Brexit

SIM card for Brexit
The ideal solution for any telephone user in a situation where an extra English, Dutch or German number in the SIM card is very useful. Keep your existing number and add an English +44, a Dutch +31 or a German +49 number for private or business. Or take an extra German or Dutch number so that you are optimally accessible in the Brexit situation. Or if you live in the border region with Germany, your contacts across the border will call you at local rates. Also take advantage of the extra low rates abroad. You can save up to 90%. Or order one of the advantageous bundles. Make use of e.g. Paypal for your top-up. The SIM card is of course always available on both numbers in the card, wherever you are.



Call Credit 10€

Call credit for Prepaid SIM cards. Call credit of 10 Euro is automatically added to SIM cards with the combination of a English and an Dutch number. For new upgrades you use e.g. PayPal or Ideal

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SIMcard with UK and USA number

SIMcard with UK and USA number, this card has an English and USA number (+44 and +1) in 1 SIM card! The SIM card comes with 10 Euro call credit.
Suitable for calls, SMS and Data in both countries and the rest of the world. You can be reached from all over the world on both numbers and you can decide which number to show the called person.

Ideal for users with contacts in England or living in England and family and contacts in the United States of America!

Moreover, the most affordable SIM card in local and worldwide use

• English number (+44) as main number and USA +1 number
• Including € 10 call credit
• The lowest possible rates in each country
• Pre- and Post-Paid•
• Transparent in use and costs
• Easy to upgrade
• Includes internet calling
• Multiple country numbers in one SIM card
• Also ideal as a 2nd SIM card in a Dual SIM phone
• No contract • Extensive functionality
• The card is a 3 – in – 1 card

You can use the USA number for making calls and be called on. SMS traffic is on the +44 number

Ideal with one of the available packages with a validity of 90 days, which can be booked through our website.

View our rates on our home page or via the App.

For the business traveler, expansion with the Frequent Flyer package is a great extra option!

The SIM card with UK and USA mobile number has a validity of 180 days and is automatically renewed if you make a call or send an SMS within these 180 days.

Re-charging the SIMcard is easy with the well-known payment options like PayPal


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