SIM card for Brexit


SIM card for Brexit
The ideal solution for any telephone user in a situation where an extra English, Dutch or German number in the SIM card is very useful. Keep your existing number and add an English +44, a Dutch +31 or a German +49 number for private or business. Or take an extra German or Dutch number so that you are optimally accessible in the Brexit situation. Or if you live in the border region with Germany, your contacts across the border will call you at local rates. Also take advantage of the extra low rates abroad. You can save up to 90%. Or order one of the advantageous bundles. Make use of e.g. Paypal for your top-up. The SIM card is of course always available on both numbers in the card, wherever you are.


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SIM card for Brexit

Keep your existing English number and add a second number for private or business. This can be a English, Dutch or German number.

Use the standard rates or opt for one of the packages.
For example, the Frequent Flyer package with its 12 months validity! Ideal for the business traveler. Ideal for frequent trips throughout the year.
Top up easily via Credit Card or e.g. Paypal

You can of course also put the card in a used mobile phone, or better yet, in the second slot of a Dual-SIM phone. This gives you even more ease of use. For use abroad, savings of up to 90% are possible with our SIM card. Via the NOI [BOX] app you have full control over the SIM card, the functions and of course the consumption of your call credit via your mobile phone. The SIM card for Brexit gives you all these benefits.

You can register and activate the card in a few simple steps.

1. You go to and log in under “MyAccount”
2. Here you register yourself as a new customer. (you will receive an
email as  confirmation)
3. Under “register a SIM card”, enter the 19-digit code and the PUK
code, which are stated  on the  card.
4. You choose a one-off top-up via “MyAccount” under “shop”, which
will then be added
directly to your card, or
5. You order a top-up via the “products” tab on the website, which we
will place on your card within 24 hours.

If you have ordered a SIM card with calling credit or a bundle, this will already be on your card.



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