Prepaid SIMcard

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With this SIM card you can, after adding credit, make calls, send SMS or use data at the standard rates. Or you can choose one of the packages below. The SIM card is very special because it has the possibility to have multiple country numbers in it. This means that when an extra country number has been added, e.g. a German number, which callers with a German number can call our SIM card at local rate. Due to the contracts we have with the various operators, savings of up to 90% are achievable. This makes the SIM card very unique.

These country numbers can be added to the SIM card via our website forever or for a short period of time.
The various rates can be requested via the website.

The card is ideal for business or private users. The possibilities of use in a DUAL-SIM phone are endless. The card also has the option of making calls over the Internet (VoIP).

  • USA Bundle

    Bundle for the USA
    This bundle for the USA gives an extra benefit.
    Consult the rate calculator for the standard rates for the USA and from the USA. The bundle is added directly to the SIM card when ordering. If you order it later, the amount will be deducted from the available call credit. So make sure that there is sufficient call credit available.
    Longer than 30 days in the USA? The bundle is automatically renewed.
    Deactivate the bundle via the website or our App if you are not going to use it for a long time.


  • Frequent Flyer bundle

    Ideal for the regular (business) traveler and for companies with many visits abroad.

  • EU/UK Bundle 100/3Gb

    Unlike other providers, FreeTime has opted for a 90-day validity for some Pre-Paid packages. Ideal for the (business) traveler. But also for people with low consumption per month.

  • UK/EU PrePaid 300/ 5Gb

    Unlike other providers, FreeTime has opted for a 90 day validity for some Pre-Paid packages. Ideal for the (business) traveler. But also for people with low usage per month.


Prepaid SIMcard

PrePaid SIMcard  This is the most affordable SIM card in local and worldwide use

• English number as main number and German or Dutch number as
• The lowest possible rates in each country • Pre-Paid
• Number retention for a Dutch number
• Transparent in use and costs
• Easy to upgrade e.g. via PayPal
• Includes internet calling
• Multiple country numbers in one SIM card
• Also ideal as a 2nd SIM card in a Dual SIM phone
• No contract
• Extensive functionality
• The card is a 3 – in – 1 card

Ideal with one of the available packages with a validity of e.g. 90 days, bookable through our website.
View our rates on our home page or via the App.

For the business traveler, expansion with e.g. the Frequent Flyer package is a great extra option!

The SIM card is valid for 180 days and is automatically renewed for another period of 180 days, if you make a call or send an SMS within these 180 days.

You can register and activate the card in a few simple steps.

1. Go to and log in under “MyAccount”
2. Here you register as a new customer. (you will receive an email as
3. Under “register a SIM card”, enter the 19 digit code and the PUK code,
which are stated on the card.
4. You choose a one-off top-up via “MyAccount” under “shop”, which will
be added directly  to your card, or
5. You order a top-up via the “products” tab on the website, which we will     place on your card within 24 hours.

If you have ordered a SIM card with calling credit or a bundle, this will already be on your card.

You can also perform all these steps via our NOI [BOX] App. The app can be downloaded for free from the iPhone App Store or Google Play.


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