Prepaid calling credit 5€


You can add credit to the shopping cart when buying the SIM card. After activating the card, you can immediately call, use data or send an SMS. You can pay with Ideal, Paypal, Bancontact, Giropay and INGhomepay. If you order the top-up together with a SIM card, we will put the calling credit on the card for you.



Prepaid calling credit 5€

Pre-Paid Call Credit 5€ is one of the top-ups for the Pre-Paid SIM card.
You can top up in 3 ways:
• When purchasing your Pre-Paid SIM card
• Via the App [Noi BOX] • Via the website

If you order the calling credit separately later, via the shopping cart, it will be added to your card within 24 hours.

Via the App or via MyAccount (or at www. ) you can top up an active card with PrePaid calling Credit 5€ via Paypal or Credit Card in amounts of 20, 50 or 100 euros. The amount will then be added to your credit in “real-time”. You can also top it up automatically at a chosen minimum level of your call credit. This can be done via a credit card.

If you order Pre-Paid Call Credit of € 5 with your first order of a SIM card, we will put the ordered call credit directly on the card. Later you can arrange for a further upgrade via the website or via MyAccount.
If you order a bundle with the first order, we will also place this on the SIM card. If the bundle is extended, the amount for the ordered bundle must be on the card.
You will receive a monthly invoice for post-paid SIM cards.

The SIM card is valid for 180 days. If you make a call during these 180 days, send an SMS or use data, a new period of 180 days will start from that moment. So keep using the card. With pre-paid and the bundle of 90 days, you have the use of the bundle for 90 days, after that a new bundle is automatically applied unless you have canceled the bundle.


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