Dual SIM card Pre-Paid

From: 12.50

The ideal SIM card for your second SIM card slot in your phone. This Pre-Paid card comes with € 10.00 call credit. This call credit is valid for 12 months and easy to top up.

Dual SIM card

The ideal solution for every Dual SIM phone user. Keep the existing number and add a second UK number for private or business purposes. Also use the extra low, international rates.


Calling Credit 10



The first choice SIM card for the second card slot in your Dual SIM phone. This Pre-Paid card comes with €10,00 call value and has a validity of 12 months. The option to have a second mobile number for the UK, Gremany Spain Poland and the Netherlands. The rates for calling, SMS and data are the standard low-rates from FreeTime Telecom. The card will automatically be enhanced at the end of the year; so no worries about the end of the validity. Ideal for a business or a private number next to your already available number in your phone. The card comes in 3 formats so it fits an any Dual SIM phone.

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For the business traveler, expansion with the Frequent Flyer package is a great, extra option!


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