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Top up your prepaid SIM card with ease

With a prepaid SIM card, you cannot avoid having to upgrade it. In contrast to a subscription, you have a one-time credit which is valid for the amount of your consumption. The more data you need and the more you call, the faster the credit goes up. With a subscription it is arranged monthly for you again at a fixed time, but with a prepaid SIM card you can control that yourself. The big advantage is that you do not throw away unnecessary credit that you have paid for. But how does topping up work? We are happy to explain that to you.

Top up your SIM card without hassle

In the past we had to go to the supermarket or a telephone shop to buy a receipt with the number to top up the credit. That is happy end of story. At Freetime Telecom we have made it much easier for you. You can top up your credit online without having to call and enter a long number.

Do you no longer want to top up? Then we have it even easier: automatic top-up. You can indicate the minimum credit at which it should be topped up automatically. This way you will never be without credit and you will always be reachable without having to make any effort. You will always receive a message before the amount is debited. Don’t worry, you can set a limit to prevent the credit from being topped up more often than you would like.

Top up online prepaid SIM card

No more calling to enter long numbers, but with a few clicks on the button you are always on the road with an upgraded prepaid SIM card. Log in with your account on Freetime Telecom and confirm your preferences. Is it not possible to fully upgrade the first time? No worries, we are ready to help you. Please contact us and we will arrange it for you immediately!