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Prepaid SIM card valid indefinitely

We have already discussed the difference between a subscription and a prepaid SIM card, and there is an advantage that wins head and shoulders: unlimited calling credit. With a subscription you get the agreed number of calling minutes and a data bundle every month, but if you don’t use it in a month it is gone. You cannot take it to the next month, while you have already paid for it. That is of course a shame. With Freetime Telecom you will therefore receive a prepaid SIM card that is valid indefinitely. The perfect outcome if you do not use on average the same amount of data every month of the year. Validity is guaranteed if you make 1 call, or send 1 SMS or 1 data session every 6 months.

When is a prepaid SIM card valid indefinitely?

A prepaid SIM card is not always valid indefinitely. Every provider sets different conditions there and “unlimited” is not always literally like that. Often a year is held. You must have made up your bundle within that time, otherwise it will expire. You do have the option to keep the credit, but at a small additional cost. With Freetime Telecom you have a prepaid SIM card that is really valid indefinitely. The only condition that comes with this is that you use the SIM card as stated before. This way you can even go through a lifetime with the same prepaid SIM card!

Prepaid SIM card unlimited valid purchase

Would you also like a prepaid SIM card that is valid indefinitely? Then you can easily purchase this from Freetime Telecom. Our name says it all, our products are independent of time and will serve you endlessly! Whether you go for an unlimited valid SIM card, or one that is only intended for a temporary period, Freetime Telecom is always at a great price. Are you still not completely sure which SIM card suits you best or do you have questions about the method? Feel free to contact us and we are happy to help you find the matching product!