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Mobile internet abroad

Traveling abroad is wonderful for a lot of reasons. Discovering new cultures and places in a relaxed way, or for work in the office in a cold country, it’s all possible. Wherever you are, you want to be accessible to family and colleagues if necessary. The Dutch providers do not always allow you to easily use data abroad. The result is a sky-high bill when you get home and of course nobody is waiting for that. Freetime Telecom therefore has mobile internet that is suitable for abroad. You can easily purchase a separate card with only the data bundle, so you can surf the web anywhere in the world.

Mobile internet prepaid for the mobile phone

Are you already abroad? Then you have the option of getting a prepaid card at destination, but you run the risk of miscommunication with the local people. At Freetime Telecom you always have access to Dutch employees who can recommend the product that best fits the situation. Easily top up online and no hassle with receipts and calling a number. In addition, keep track in your account of how much data you have left and enjoy the holiday without worry.

Always online with mobile internet abroad

Are you going abroad for a long time? Then it is also interesting to have the data bundle automatically upgraded at a certain minimum that you have set. You will always receive a message on time when it is almost finished, so that you keep an overview of the state of affairs. That way you will never be abroad without mobile internet and you can continue safely. You can arrange automatic top-up in your personal account at Freetime Telecom. Do you want to know more about the options? Feel free to contact us and we are happy to help you personally!