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Extra SIM card to keep private and work separate

Work and private life are increasingly merging into today’s society. We are all busy with work, but still have to be reachable for the home front and to keep in touch from time to time (even if it is for passing on the messages). Yet it is annoying if you always have to walk around with two phones. It is impractical and irritating, but you have little choice if you need a separate mobile for work. Fortunately, there is a solution for this: an extra SIM card. We already hear you think “then I have to change every time?” Yes, but not in that way. The change happens in the telephone. More and more phones already offer this possibility and it means nothing more than two SIM cards in the phone. With the push of a button you can switch from private telephone to work telephone. No worries about the data, this is all completely separate.

Switch quickly thanks to the extra SIM card

At the beginning it is of course always getting used to, but thanks to the 2nd SIM card you no longer have to lug around with all kinds of phones. On the home screen of the phone you can select which SIM card you want to use and the entire content is adjusted accordingly. Ideal! From now on, always keep work and private life separate thanks to the extra SIM card!

No more two phones, but two SIM cards

The hassle with two mobile phones is finally over. With an extra SIM card the problem is solved forever. It could sometimes be difficult to get to know the work phone every time, because it is often not the same as your own. In addition, you have the eternal struggle for which mobile you will keep with you during a day trip. Do you also want an organized telephone? Order your 2nd SIM card, or contact us and we will personally help you further!