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Dual SIM for even more cheaper Calls and Data

Save up to 90% outside Europe and up to 50% in Europe

Having a telephone with two SIM cards is the ideal solution if, for example, you have a work and private telephone. Normally every smartphone has one SIM card, but with a Dual SIM smartphone there are two SIM cards. This makes it possible to switch between two smartphones during the day. All you have to do is indicate on the main screen which phone you want to use. The content is then automatically changed to the relevant SIM card. Ideal when you regularly have to switch between both phones.

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No more lugging multiple telephones thanks to the Dual SIM

If you do not have a Dual SIM, you cannot avoid having multiple phones with you. This is extremely inconvenient and simply unnecessary. With the Dual SIM you always have two telephones with you, but in the form of one mobile. Don’t confuse the phones anymore by always having the right one with you. For example, after work you can convert the phone to your private mobile and then you have immediately separated work and private life. No more memories of work, but really an evening off or a nice weekend! Setting the Dual SIM is easy to do. The only thing you need is a smartphone that allows you to carry two SIM cards.

Order Dual SIM from Freetime Telecom

Would you also like to get rid of unnecessary lugging multiple telephones? Then you can now order a Dual SIM from Freetime Telecom. After inserting the two SIM cards, it is only a matter of setting up on your device. With a few clicks this has already happened and your mobile is ready for use. Do you want more information or do you want to know how to set up exactly? Feel free to contact us and we are happy to help you personally!