About Freetime Telecom

FreeTime Telecom; The most interesting SIM-Only Provider

FreeTime Telecom is the supplier of a very advanced SIM card.  This SIM card is supplied in collaboration with internationally operating suppliers of communication products and services. The aim is to offer low-cost solutions for the user of global telecommunications solutions. The services are provided, based on advanced SIM card technology.

The basic product is a SIM card with a series of local numbers and roaming agreements in one SIM card, so that the user of the card with his mobile phone can always communicate at low costs in all countries of the world. Savings of up to 90% are possible. All numbers are connected to each other, so it does not matter which number they are called on.

The SIM card is rich in services related to voice, SMS, DATA and calling via the internet (VoIP).

The marketing of FreeTimeTelecom will focus on the use of cheap telephone and data services by specific target groups such as the business user, the regular traveler, the backpacker, etc. and the companies with branches in different countries.

The SIM card with, for example, the Frequent Flyer Bundle gives the option of a bundle with a usage period of 12 months, intended for the business traveler who regularly travels and who does not have to worry about the 30-day bundles with other providers.

Or the company that may need to respond to the Brexit and needs a SIM card with a Dutch, UK, German and Polish number in one SIM card. The accessibility then applies to all numbers, regardless of which number is called.

The SIM card is ideal as a second SIM card in a dual SIM phone.